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Square Waterproof Sunshade

Square Waterproof Sunshade

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Color: Gray

Square Waterproof Sunshade

Love to hang outside but the summer heat is just unbearable? This Outdoor  sunshade allows you to enjoy the outdoors on your patio and garden without burning you to a crisp under the sun. The sunshade provides enough shade for you without obstructing any of your view and fresh air. Breathable fabric results in significant temperature reduction underneath the sail, blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays. It is durable and waterproof even under harsh weather conditions. Comes with the specially designed, D-ring for easy installation. This sunshade is great for patio, lawn, garden, pool, backyard, driveway, or other outdoor areas.
Having a shade prevents your outdoor furniture from getting worn out by the weather conditions.

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Note: This product is ship from overseas warehouse (Est Time of Delivery 2 to 3 weeks by air)


  1.     Material: Polyester cloth
  2.     Features: Shading, Anti-UV, Waterproof
  3.     Anti-UV rate: 98%
  4.     Shape: Rectangle, Triangle
  5.     Colors : Grey / Beige / Green
  6.     Weight: about 0.7-1.6kg
  7.     For Rectangle shade sail: 3x2M, 3x4M
  8.     For Triangle shade sail:2x2x2M 3x3x3M, 3.6x3.6x3.6M,5x5x5M
  9.     For Square shade sail: 3.6x3.6M,3x3M,2x2M



  1. 100% BRAND NEW: Unused, well-packaged.
  2. WIDE RANGE of APPLICATION: As cool shape, used in gardens, courtyards, balconies, parking, beaches, picnics, etc.
  3. WATERPROOF: Waterproof PU polyester fabric 
  4. 98% ANTI-UV:  Bring you a cool shade in the hot summer.
  5. CURVED DESIGN: The artistic design of the curved design makes the product more flat during installation, more stressed and beautiful.
  6. EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN: Washable, durable and environmentally friendly material.
  7. DURABLE: High quality material,excellent workmanship.
  8. ALL WELL PACKAGED: Packed in a handy package and easy to store when not in use.


Made of 100% brand new 280 GSM HDPE (high density polyethylene) material and rejecting recycled materials, more healthy and safety.


Its made of high-quality Polyester material, more healthy and safe. It is fade resistant, waterproof and is free of mold, mildew, and stains, including three pad eyes.


Stainless steel D-rings, the essential parts of the shade sail, are durable that can serve your shade sail for a long life.

Free giving 4*1800D wind ropes (200cm for each), robust sewing processing on each side, stainless steel D ring on each edge, strongly fastness of installation.

Please measure space before purchasing and chosse the right size

How-To Install a Shade Sail
---The shade sail came with D ring & Wind ropes for you to be able to make the connections to the house/trees/other strcture pretty easily.
---If you want to strengthen the fixing, you can buy a set of hardware from our store.
---How-To  tighten the rope after installation/Buyer's Experience Sharing
---From the opposite corners, I assembled the proper length of wire rope with the thimble and clamp for the end, and attached to eye bolts in the trees with a turnbuckle to tighten the span. Once I had these four anchor points established and installed, the shade sail was in the proper position and I could tighten all four anchor points to get the desired tension.


Package Included:

    Shade Sail + Wind ropes


This product is only water-repellent, not completely waterproof, please note, thank you.

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